We’re like you
We’re not a global Company, we don’t have swanky offices or cars. We’re a small family owned business. We have a toddler and live by the sea in North Wales. We’ve had the great fortune to have traveled to lots of different countries and seen many fabulous designs that we always thought would make terrific backdrops to showcase products. We have brought these designs back home and now we’re here selling them and sharing them with everyone.
Taking your photography to the next level
Our vinyl backdrops are made from  bloggers, Instagrammers, Pinterest members, website owners, design agencies, digital agencies, online artisans, crafters, food suppliers, schools and colleges, entrepreneurs who want to list their products on eBay, Etsy, Not on the Highstreet, Amazon, You Tube, blogs, forums or online shops etc.
We have our own website shop selling eco products and we know how difficult it can be to take good quality pictures without a studio setup. Using a smart phone and a set of our backdrops to provide the perfect backgrounds to make your products the star of the show, will help you to launch your small business in no time and on a limited budget.

Hungry Tiger Studios backdrops are a very cost-effective way to up your photography game.